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April 6, 2019

November 15, 2018

March 13, 2018

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Youtube's Guitar Whizz Rex Pearson

November 10, 2017



M: Our graduates go on to such an amazing range of careers and make us so proud. Tell us about your work for Youtube Rex


RP: I am a content creator for YouTube and educator of Music technology. The channel was initially a guitar educational channel but after gathering a following and winning a Youtube award, has moved into music videos featuring collaborations with various artists from all over the world, The channel primarily does Covers of modern pop songs with a unique twist and also guitar covers for solo instrumental guitar. We are about to launch a whole new project this year in partnership with one of the most prestigious performing arts schools in the UK. We will be featuring exceptionally gifted students of the school and teaming up with many youtube celebrities and mainstream artists.


M: How did you make the leap from being a highly skilled guitarist into your current work? 


RP: Fail many MANY times trying various different projects and ideas. For me being a session player really honed my playing technique but I knew only about music performance initially and this prevented me from being able to produce music and capture it so I tried to make some music videos (terribly). My videos got seen by a very supportive team at Youtube who invited me to workshops to learn video and audio production. This has all helped me become a more versatile and I think being versatile and skilled in a number of areas is vital to progress from a musician into being a content creator



M: How did your time at UCLan help you progress and develop?


RP: UCLAN gave me the time to develop as a musician and work with others musically. It also opened my mind to different, sometimes uncomfortably wacky ideas which were great. It helped me to believe I had a unique style and to do things differently. All skills that are not natural to me and the help and guidance of the lecturers were invaluable to me


M: What advice would you have for graduates?


RP: Two things I learnt very quickly about the music industry. Firstly, it's not necessarily about how good you are but who you know. Learn to network and don't underestimate its power. Secondly don't try to be someone else or emulate their work too closely, develop your own voice/skill and learn as much about how to project that skill to the world as you can. Whether it be studio techniques/video techniques or anything that will help you get your work seen/heard. Final thought, don't turn down any opportunity if you can do it, many times things come my way by fluke because I helped someone out in the past.


Rex's Channel




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